What is The Photostick Mobile Test Technology?

The photostick is basically a USB key that can be plugged into any device to search the hard drive for photos. It is perfect if you have lost photos or if you are about to swap your PC computer, tablet, or laptop for a new one or if you feel like it is time to clean up your hard drive and reorganise all your files. You can now grab all your photos on your machine by letting the Photostick dig deep inside folder buried on your device, have all the photos save to the Photostick, then use the large icon view to look at each photo. 

You will be able to rename photos or place them in date specific folder, so you never lose any of your images or photos again. 

What else is the Photostick useful for?

Graphic designers, bloggers, website developers, and other professions where the use of photos or images is prevalent can make use of The Photostick

For instance, maybe you are a marketer and you have just gained a new customer that works within an industry you have provided a marketing campaign and content for in the past. You remember that the particular campaign that you did for your previous client was a success but you cannot find the images you used for their Google Ads campaign or the infographics that were on your old customer’s landing pages. 

The photostick is the answer to your woes. It will search your current devices, or you can plug into your old devices. Once activates, it will suck up all the images such as PNG and JPEG files on your device and place them into a folder for your review. With any luck, you did not delete the files and they are still floating around on one of your hard drives so you can dig them up and either use them again or base your new marketing and content campaign on a previously successful campaign. 

Is the Photostick device expensive?

There are several companies out there that sell different photostick devices. They will vary in price so you will need to do your homework. Obviously the larger the physical memory on the device, the more expensive it will be – which is generally the same pricing principles used for all types of technology or physical storage. 

Can the Photostick find videos too?

Another luxury the Photostick affords customers is its ability to find videos. Once again, the same principles you would use for photos would apply here for searching for videos. If you are searching for multiple videos, then you will need to make sure you have the right size storage for your needs. 

Just to recap, ThePhotostick mobile test is perfect for those that need to search for photos and videos and gather them into one convenient location. You can then  

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