How to make the most of your vpn in the workplace

Integrating a vpn in to your business or workplace will be one of the best moves you make in securing your business reports and data. In an era where cyber threats are constantly just beyond the horizon, it is crucial that your in house systems are as protected as they can possibly be.

VPNs don’t have to be expensive, but they are absolutely a necessary cost to ensure that hackers have the bare minimal chance of breaking in to your private business accounts. 

Allowing homeworking

Saving money on travel to and from the office can soon mount up to a small fortune, so it is always worth looking at homeworking. Possible for your employees as well as yourself, this option could potentially see a drastic cut in costs for your business and hopefully see an increase in your profit margins.

VPN services can work over distances but still maintain their secure and private connection. This means that even if you work 100 miles away from the office location, you will still be able to gain access in to the systems and files that you need in order to complete any tasks in place for that day.

Staff training

Before homeworking is implemented, it will be highly beneficial to your business to undergo some staff training sessions. Not every one is a whizz when it comes to computers so some common sense procedures may not be as obvious to some members of the team.

Get everyone together for regular training sessions on vpns so they know exactly what they need to do in order to use the vpn system to its full potential. 

This kind of training approach will be a great asset if your firm does decide on homeworking factors as employees will be able to recognise any strange behaviours and hit the kill switch if deemed necessary.


Using removeable storage such as USB sticks or pens are a great commodity when keeping back ups of important files and documents. They can often store hundreds of files at any one time so any employee can easily take their work home with them in order to tie up any loose ends. 

However, with this kind of freedom there is also a price to consider should one of the removeable devices get lost. Valuable data can easily misplaced if contained on a missing USB device so it is also important to put in place certain policies and procedures to keep those devices safe at all times. 

Examples could be keeping the sticks on a lanyard at all times so it is always on the staff member at all times, or a secure safe to be locked up at the end of every shift.

VPNs are very good at what they do, but if the devices are lost there isn’t much that a vpn can do about it. Keep the records safe but makesure there is a contingency just in case. 

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