What Are Some Examples Of Saas?

SaaS is ubiquitous and is used in a wide variety of areas and also SaaS development. As an example, we present some particularly frequently used SaaS that covers the different fields of application:

1) Slack

Slack is a communication software for workgroups. Two or more people can talk to each other in different channels. For better structuring, threads (sub-conversations) can also be opened within a channel. At the same time, the application can be expanded to include additional apps. For example, to-do lists or Google Drive can be integrated. Setting up Slack is quick. Members can be invited by email. Although the program is now also available as conventional software, it has grown large as a SaaS solution that is not specially installed.

Slack also uses the freemium model. It can be used almost without restriction for free, but only a certain number of messages can be viewed. Slack hides older messages. If you want to access all the messages you have ever written, you have to pay.

2) Trello

Trello is a productivity and project management tool designed to facilitate collaboration within a team. Here are tasks, events, and the like stored in card format that authorized colleagues can edit or move. How the cards are divided – according to topic or task – is up to the user. Comments, attachments, or checklists can be created within the cards. Like Slack, Trello also uses the freemium model. And they both have something in common: Trello is now also available as a mobile app and a desktop application for Windows and iOS.

3) Google Analytics

Google Analytics is probably one of the most widely used tools in online marketing. The software for the statistical analysis of websites is also a SaaS, which records the number of site visitors, length of stay, visitor sources, demographic characteristics, and much more, useful for site optimization. Google Analytics is also offered as a freemium model. The free basic version is so comprehensive that it is usually sufficient for small and medium-sized companies.

4) HubSpot

The CRM solution from HubSpot is also one of the SaaS – Marketing, Sales, and Service Hub support z. B. Lead generation, marketing automation, meeting planning, and customer support. The tiered pricing model is implemented in that various packages are available at different prices, from a free to a starter to an enterprise solution. In terms of IPaaS, the solution can also be connected to other applications to enable seamless integration and use.

5) Shopify

Shopify is an e-commerce solution that allows smaller retailers to set up an online shop comparatively uncomplicated. In addition, the integration of various payment options and the Amazon Marketplace is made possible. With Shopify, users can sell through a wide variety of channels and at the same time receive support, for example, with questions of legal security.

After a fourteen-day free test phase, users have to choose between three different price plans – Shopify also uses tiered pricing as a payment model.

Examples Of Application Areas

Customer Relationship Management

Numerous large CRM solutions are offered as software as a service. They record all information about the customer and thus enable optimal customer relationship management. At the same time, a collaboration between marketing, sales, and service is simplified, who can access the same, centrally stored information and establish clear workflows.

Shop Systems

Since online shop systems require a comparatively complicated infrastructure, they are predestined for implementation via SaaS which also help in home automation solutions. Almost all major Internet providers now offer corresponding systems for hosting customers who can enter the e-commerce sector without in-depth IT knowledge.


Email marketing has become a legal minefield at the latest with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entry into force. A popular marketing tool but can be used pretty sure it makes sense to make use of hosted options, rather cumbersome to build itself an appropriate infrastructure.

Web Online Meeting

Many companies are increasingly relying on online meetings or web conferences to save travel costs for business trips, customer appointments, or seminars. There are numerous providers to choose from who provide the appropriate tools as SaaS.

Voice Over IP

Anyone who not only wants to communicate occasionally via video telephony but also wants to replace an entire telephone system with online solutions will fall back on IP telephony. Cloud solutions can also be used for these “telephone systems as a service.”

Project Management

Typical solutions for project management and time recording are also mostly available as SaaS.

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