Watching USA Netflix in Italy – unblocking the geographical restrictions

Netflix America

Netflix is and has been the biggest name in the streaming industry, and it’s absolutely safe to say that everyone on the planet earth have at least heard about it. What a good bunch of people don’t know is that Netflix isn’t universal. Namely, there are different versions of this streaming platform for dozens and dozens of countries – French Netflix, Italian Netflix, Norwegian Netflix, and so on.

Unblocking American Netflix in Italy and access the content from the full catalog

Some people might assume that the main difference between these different Netflix iterations is in the subtitles of the shows – the truth is that the entire catalog of shows and programs is different for each version, with the exception of Netflix USA.

A resident of Italy, for example, will only have access to Italian Netflix’s library; a resident of French can only watch the shows that French Netflix streams, etcetera.

Netflix America is the ground zero, which basically means that this particular platform is the original version from which all of the other iterations derive their catalog from.

What are geographical restrictions?

In order to prevent people from different countries to ‘illegally’ watch shows which are not accessible  on their corresponding Netflix platform, this company issues licenses and backs them up with geo-blocks – geographical restrictions imposed via software on different Netflix platforms.

These geographical restrictions are basically synonymous with ‘black lists’ – Netflix profile owners are filtered through the system and categorized as a ‘resident of XYZ country’ and are linked to platforms of the country they reside in. This means that both tourists and locals will only be able to enjoy the shows their local (national) Netflix platform provides.

How to get past geo-blocks?

The most reliable way to navigate through these ‘black lists’ is to obtain a virtual private network connection. VPNs are basically secure connections that utilize a number of very convenient gadgets, such as military-grade encryptions and very innovative dynamic IP address mechanisms.

In plain words, people who use a virtual private network connection will be registered as ‘American citizens’ in the eyes of the original Netflix program. This will not only bypass the defensive mechanisms imposed on your national Netflix platform, but it will also override every other geo-block (you will be ‘crossed off’ from other ‘black lists’, not just Netflix).

Is there a way to get a VPN for free?

Simply put, a VPN is a type of service, which means that it’s available on the market at a certain price. Some VPNs are more expensive, versatile, and reliable; some not as much. The punchline is that you’d normally have to pick a package deal of your choosing (1-month, 3-month, yearly), and pay for it.

However, there are ways to check out what certain VPN services look like free of charge. One of the ways includes browsing commercialized sites that promote certain VPN providers – the chances are that those same brands offer vouchers for free VPN.