Is Game Addiction Real?

In our current society, the disorders linked to certain addictions are more and more numerous and the list of addictions does not stop growing. The most recent revolves around games, and more specifically video games. This addiction is considered since March by the WHO as a real mental illness and means should be deployed in the months and years to come. But this flourishing industry does not intend to convince its users of this fact and the aftershocks are weighing more and more on the World Health Organization. Despite everything, the institution is not the first to point out video games as conveying mental disorders. In early 2018, Donald Trump tackled the video game industry,

Addiction To Games

It is difficult today to find statistics or links to the effects of causes between the disorders encountered by adolescents and their marked presence on video games. Nevertheless, this entertainment industry could potentially favor the educational failure of our young people, or even the reverse to believe some studies , but also loneliness among some adults. Between the real and the virtual, the border is no longer that obvious. Especially in recent years with the arrival and marketing of virtual reality headsets like Oculus Rift Windows or Gear from the company Samsung.

This development and increasing trend could push more towards a form of addiction as tends to believe the World Health Organization. But before detailing this sling on the part of the WHO on the sector of the video games, it is important to note that other entertainment and games have been recognized as addictive.

And in this context, it is in particular the online money sites that are widely criticized. Although many offer free casino game alternatives to test on COFto avoid loss while having fun. So certainly, it’s not just by putting a coin in a slot machine or when you Top up the roblox game (เติม เกม roblox which is the term in Thai) that you automatically become addicted to games.

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