Will React Native Mark The Future Of Mobile Application Development In 2021?

Before you invest in a mobile application, make sure to ask yourself about choosing an operating system. Choosing one among the two most popular operating systems, i.e., Apple and Android, Android generally tends to offer a more and better array of perks. In contrast, Apple proves to be better at a memorable customer experience.

In this tug-of-war situation, a midpoint seems to be the solution. A midpoint where these features intersect without the cost of development being doubled. It seems impossible, as it may, but it isn’t. 

Hybrid App Concept is the answer to this problem. It bridges the space between the two Operating Systems in easy development and the best user experience. It lands an option that is feasible for most mobile app developers. 

But don’t you need a midpoint where you can avail these benefits without the cost of developing mobile apps being doubled for your business? The hybrid app concept is the answer to your question as it acts as a bridge between the gaps created. 

These apps can run natively on either platform. React Native is at the forefront of its newly developed capabilities among the technologies used to develop hybrid apps. It is considered the future of mobile app development. 

Cross-Platform Compatibility 

Due to popular demand, React Native went on from supporting iOS to outstretching to Android. 

Many APIs are available to develop cross-platform applications, allowing developers to create a single codebase that runs on Android and iOS. This reduces development costs and speeds time to market for business applications. 

As an open-source platform, React Native also provides compatibility with non-traditional operating systems such as tvOS and Windows, making it a versatile choice for your business. This is one of the reasons why React Native is the best for Cross-Platform Development

Native Features


React Native has cross-platform compatibility, but React Native provides native functionality and is titled “Native”. Apps created with this substructure are almost native in appearance and behaviour. This is related to an excellent UI and good performance. In addition, the flexibility of JavaScript interactions rendered in the native environment reduces load times and makes the user interface more responsive. 

Reduced Development Cycle 

React Native significantly accelerates the development cycle because it has many components that developers can use. Availability of these components is known to reduce development time by 30%. 

Developers also have the option to reduce the development period by using Redux for state management. 

Finally, a single standard data tier for Android and iOS accelerates the development cycle and reduces the chance of failure.

Best Development Environment 

React Native Another reason development is good for business is that there are better development environments. This eliminates the mundane tasks of recovery and deployment in repetitive loops, making it enjoyable for developers. 

The framework also uses the Flexbox layout engine for both mobile platforms. So, developers only need to know one layout mechanism for Android and iOS development. 

Compatibility with third-party plugins


The substructure has compatibility with third-party plugins. This means that mobile apps created with the framework do not need to use WebView for features such as maps. Instead, link the plugin directly to the native module to enable device features such as zoom, tap and rotate. This consumes less memory. 

In addition, such compatibility ensures a smooth user experience even if the device is running on older operating systems. 

Instant App Update 

Instant LiveUpdate is another significant advantage of choosing a React Native bundle. Users typically have to upgrade their app to the newest version to access all features and have a smooth experience. Apps which take longer to update are complex, and companies should avoid that complexity. React Native allows you to push updates directly to your device. This will allow users to access the newest version in a more extended amount of time without any issues. 

Facebook Community Support

One of the many reasons React Native is becoming an essential technical requirement for development is that the Facebook expert community supports it. With experts on your side and trust, you can see future maintenance needs for stress-free apps. In addition to providing support, they work continuously to improve the framework conditions. 

Concluding Thoughts 

After reading this article, hope you will understand all the benefits of this robust framework; it’s a wise choice if you’re looking to invest in a new mobile application or redesign your existing mobile app. 

From saving capital and time to delivering an exceptional experience, React Native is an accurate choice in every way. The next step is to work with an application development partner with the appropriate platform skills and experience. 

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