Variables To Be Defined When Targeting Your Business Audience

Knowing what the target audience is, you will have to define certain variables to find the exact profile of your potential customer. Here promo republic describe some of them:

Sex: Many products target men or women in particular, but you can also sell electronics (unisex). In these cases, a strategy to increase sales by directing your advertising to a more specific sector is to use commemorative dates. “On Valentine’s Day, give this smartphone to the woman of your life,” or “Father’s Day is coming, and the championship is on fire! Watch every match with the new HD LED TV.”

Age: no matter how much you offer a product that can be used by any age (for example, a thermometer), you will always have to segment your audience to target those who purchase. Pay attention to the age of those people who would pay for your product and segment your audience to optimize your business.

Interests: To sell a product online, you must appeal to people who are interested in it. Online ads, for example, offer you the possibility to target the reach of your advertising to specific people who comply with a series of particular characteristics. For example, if you want to promote your used car sales business, point to Facebook users who are members of car-related groups. You can also direct your offers to people with particular interests based on the vocabulary used in the message, the colors, and the pictures used. We’ll delve into this aspect later in the article.

Location: the saying goes: “whoever wants a lot has nothing”; that is why it is essential to determine with certainty the places where you will invest your advertising efforts. At first, when your brand is still little known, we recommend that you focus your sales and advertising on particular places. For example: instead of shipping abroad, it may be more convenient to place your promotional tokens at certain critical points where it is possible to get a greater volume of customers. Besides, it’s no use paying for ads on Google Ads that appear in Portuguese to someone who lives in Argentina and speaks Spanish.

Socioeconomic Level: it will not be helpful for your purposes to try to convince, through different strategies, a person without the necessary capital to buy your products or services. Therefore, you should look for the segment that has the purchasing power indicated for your business.

Defining the target audience of your business will also serve to find new ideas that leverage it. For example, if you discover that those customers who buy your water sports equipment also buy camping-related equipment, consider expanding your business and offering products aimed at people who enjoy outdoor activities.

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