How To Create A Marketing Plan For a Hong Kong Business?

As a marketer operating on digital marketing in Hong Kong, when you are creating an overall marketing plan for a locally based HK business, first start with creating a concept in the form of an executive summary or mission statement. The executive summary is going to be a notion for the business regardless of size. The truth is that even a small business should identify the purpose in written words. This will allow the marketing team and other operations to stay in focus to tackle tough and/or growth hacking projects.


The next step is to define the key goals (or objectives). The goals are usually paths with no definite end in sight. The goals that are set must be measurable, are specific to a problem, are result driven, and have timelines alongside them. At this very stage, fewer goals are often better than too many. The best way is for the team to start working for the first goal, get some results, and build the team confidence with an initial success.


You will have to define the target market or markets for the business, even though many businesses would tell you from the beginning they know what their markets are. But without digging deeper, how would you know the companies are missing some of the most lucrative markets that have not been discovered? Markets can be defined based on geography, demographics, or other attributes. Work out the revenue potential of each market, and prioritize appropriately. i.e. Prioritize the resources that you have for launching and running internet marketing campaigns.


As a digital marketer, you need to describe the product, or tell people what product you are selling (even though it is on half of your client or boss). Product or service descriptions are important for communication to the consumers. Start with figuring out and creating the descriptions of a unique selling point (USP), and focus on it when communicating the messages to the end consumers. The USP may be a solution to solve a specific pain point in the niche of the company.


Identify the distribution and/or promotion online channels. When the product fits in a niche, there must be forums out there where people gather to discuss or find solutions for the major pain points. Alternatively are the more commonly used channels including social media (i.e. Facebook which is extremely popular for HK users), search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc), email marketing, and more. In the online channels, you may launch advertising campaigns that the business pays to get visitors and potential leads, and you may launch organic campaigns and/or posts which do not require an advertising budget. The internet marketer should adjust the budget and resources going into each campaign based on some performance data analysis.


To sum it up, the Hong Kong business has to go through writing down the mission statement, defining the main goals, identifying the target (or niche) markets, describing the product, and identifying the distribution/promotion channels.