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Those days are long gone when you have to turn your TV on to visit your favorite channels and then finally your favorite series. Now, if you have a smartphone in hand, you can stream any channel you want and watch your favorite shows while on the move. Well, one such channel which is gaining quite some popularity among masses is HBO, especially after its world-changing series, Game of Thrones. People are so addicted to this serial that some of them are streaming it over and over again, to watch those special fight scenes. If you can stream hbo now Nederland on your phone, chances are high that you can watch your favorite serial anywhere you want and anytime.

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Well, the famous GOT is not the ultimate call as HBO houses some other special series as well, like the True Detective, Westworld, The Wire and even The Sopranos. No matter whichever series attract you the most, if you have the online version of HBO on your smartphone or tablet, you can easily kill time when stuck in a long traffic jam. But for that you need to buy the subscription. The packages are pretty affordable and depending on your needs, you can choose the one you like. Just pay for it once and you might get coverage for months to even a year!

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If you are planning to get the American hbo abonnement, there are some simple steps you need to follow. For the first one, make sure to take time to research thoroughly and purchase good VPN service. Then you have to connect to a server point and create HBO Now US account. After that, you are all done and get the opportunity to view some of the famous series, waiting for your eyes to indulge into.

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