14 Best Productivity Tools for Your E-Commerce Team

When the level of your business starts growing, there must be changes in the way of management in each level of progress. Employee monitoring software will help ensure that the fact concerning the employees’ productivity is being taken care of in the best way. So staying productive when more work is being added can be difficult at times, and even the small changes in this can cause big changes in the firm’s success.

What are the tools to check out while moving towards productivity?

Employee monitoring software for remote teams has become a major factor for the success of the firms where accurate measurements in the productivity of the employees have been obtained and have helped them make adequate changes in their styles of management.

Hubstaff: This is one of the popular tools useful in productivity measurement and tracking. It gives accurate insights on the active time of the teams without causing any changes in their productive office hours. Thus, it is one popular remote work monitoring software that can be useful for a great deal for accurate and efficient monitoring of employees.

Hubstaff tasks: It helps in the better coordination of tasks and the different remote teams working for your firm. It helps to keep track of the goals and what is on board. It helps in the effective management of the daily tasks that can be useful for the employees.

Coda: It is a tool that helps manage information similar to an application. It can help the firms to organize all the tasks and activities. It offers a flexible platform for the users and hence highly recommended for the firms

Google workspace: It includes a package for collaboration and ensuring accurate productivity of the employees. You do not have to introduce the tool due to the high popularity associated with the tool.

Work examiner: It is a well-known tool for monitoring the employees’ productivity that gives accurate reports and insights on the active timings of the employees. Check the pricing here.

LastPass: It is one of the popular tools that are useful for the efficient management of passes. Hence the tool offers security on the management of the passwords.

Kin: It helps in the automation of HR tasks. It has efficient ideas to manage the employees’ holidays and manage the human resources department effectively.

Zapier: It is a highly useful tool that helps connect to different applications so that the information can be moved while using the other tools.

Drift: This tool helps bring a good experience in buying for the users. It can help in the direction of the messages to the intended location and help direct visitors to the intended information.

CommentSold: This application makes selling on social media an easier task.

AiHello: It helps in the reduction of time spend on the management of time on the different campaigns and helps in boosting profits as well.

Review box: This application helps in accurately monitoring the product reviews of the products listed on the e-commerce platforms.

Quickbooks enterprise: Helps in the active tracking of items and management of orders, hence helping to manage the reports accurately.

ShipBob: It helps give better insights so that better decisions can be made in the supply chain.