Why You Should Install Solar Panels

Besides improving the environment and cutting the energy costs, homeowners install solar panels for many reasons. Whether you want to install solar panel for personal, economic or environmental purposes, the following five reasons should convince you to install solar panels:

1.     Reduce Electric Bills

Whether you own a home, business, or engage in non-profit organizations, electricity bills constitute substantial monthly expenses. If you install solar power, you can generate free power or at least a little energy to reduce your utility bills.

2.     Increase Return On Investment (ROI)

Although installing solar power is expensive, you get a return on investment, especially if you own a home. The substantial electricity bills enable homeowners to repay their installation fees in a short time. If you choose the right Idaho solar company, you can save installation costs, thus increasing your ROI. Ideally, homeowners get 20% or more return on an investment after installing solar power.

3.     Protect yourself from Rising Energy Costs

With solar power, you can cut the hefty utility bills. According to recent studies, electric bills have increased by about 3% annually. However, homeowners who have installed solar power can protect themselves against the unpredictable electricity costs! Whether you are a business or homeowner, to reduce energy costs and manage your monthly or annual charges, consider installing solar power.

4.     Increase Property Value

According to studies, homes that have solar energy have a higher property value, and they sell more quickly compared to non-solar homes. Potential homeowners are looking to buy solar installed homes. Nowadays, appraisers are considering solar power installations when valuing homes. Also, as homebuyers are learning more about solar energy, properties with solar power have a high demand and value.

5.     Protect the Environment

To reduce the carbon footprint, consider installing solar power. According to the latest studies, buildings and automobiles contribute more than 40% of all carbon emissions globally. However, hiring one of the reputable Idaho solar companies to install solar power in your home, you will eliminate approximately 3 – 4 tons of carbon emissions every year.

Finally, solar power does not require much maintenance. If you have installed solar power, removing leaves, snow, and other obstacles are the only maintenance practices needed. Most Idaho companies provide 25 years warranty, thus saving you a lot of money in the long run.

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