What Does The Orange Moon Mean


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what does the orange moon mean

What is the Orange Moon?

The orange moon, also known as the harvest moon or the hunter’s moon, refers to the full moon that occurs in the late summer. The harvest moon is the last full moon before the autumnal equinox, while the hunter’s moon is the first one after the equinox.

Why is the harvest moon orange?

This Moon is often orange in color, close to the Earth, and rises early. It is called the Harvest Moon because the early rise and large amount of light allows farmers to continue working in the fields later in the day and continuing the harvest. Humans can see light on the visible color spectrum.

Why does the Moon look red or orange?

If the Moon appears unusually red or orange or the effect persists while the Moon is overhead, it is possible that fine-grained particles of dust or smoke have saturated the atmosphere and are scattering the light more than normal.

What colors do we see coming off the Moon?

Shorter wavelength light (colors like green, blue, indigo, violet) is more prone to spread when moving through the atmosphere, while longer-wavelength light (colors like red, orange, yellow) will remain. Since the colors mentioned above remain, that is what we see coming off the moon.

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