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The film is the direct prequel of minions the rise of Gru, an independent film of the little yellow man released in 2015. As a derivative work of “stealing milk dad”, it tells the experience of the Minions in serving other masters in the “pre Gru” era. However, young Gru once appeared in this derivative film, and the sequel will focus on the process of his affinity with the Minions. Click here to watch Minions The Rise of Gru free online, and you can also Watch Comedy Movies Online Free.

When I first saw these lively yellow people in the cinema more than ten years ago, I never thought that I would still like them more than ten years later. For me, there are only two kinds of excellent films: the first one has audio-visual language that is very suitable for the audience’s aesthetic appreciation and maximizes the sense of satisfaction; The other is connotation, which makes people think after reading, and then achieves a function of enlightenment. For me, the series of yellow man movies are not excellent, but they will still be pursued for such a long time. The main reason is that I simply love these yellow people. When I saw this one, I suddenly realized that there are some things worth thinking about.

As far as this film is concerned, as the prequel of the little yellow man series, it explains the process of Gru and the little yellow man from recognizing the conflicts between lovers in the running in period to tacit cooperation and perfect cooperation. We all know that Gru’s dream is to become the biggest villain in the universe, and this dream is what he has been pursuing since he was a child. In terms of values, his pursuit makes people feel extremely frightened. When the teacher asks the students in the class what their dream is, I think no one will say that he is a bad person or a murderer or such a terrible personality image. However, sometimes I wonder if there are really some people or some criminals today. Their childhood dream is to become a bad person. In fact, this film makes me feel that we should really pay attention to the children around us. Maybe some people are affected by the family, people around them and even the media they contact. The seeds of evil in their hearts have been planted. During their growth, Water and fertilize the seed constantly, and eventually grow into a villain. Whether it is juvenile crime or adult crime, I think there must be some people whose criminal motivation and psychological development started from childhood.

We may not be able to determine the correctness of the good theory or the evil theory at present, but we must be clear that the environment has a great impact on people. I don’t know if any children will finish watching the series of little yellow man movies. Like Glu, they will aspire to become the biggest villain in the universe. But I’m sure that some people will dream of becoming the biggest villain since childhood. So what I think is that I am not questioning that this film will set a wrong viewpoint for children, but that there are such people around us. This film gives me a way of thinking and makes me realize that we need to pay attention to the development of children’s evil.

When I was in primary school, there was a classmate whose father often went to steal things. Then, the classmate thought his father was brave and tall, and learned his behavior, so that people in the whole neighborhood knew that their family were dirty and would be on guard against them. When there was a theft case, they would naturally associate with them. This would make the classmate have a stronger motive to steal to retaliate against these accusations and create a vicious circle.

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