Top Reasons To Use An Enterprise Whatsapp Archiving Solution

Many people worldwide use WhatsApp to communicate with other people, with the number of active users reaching 1.5 billion. The large number of people using the application easily makes it one of the most popular messaging apps in the world to the point that even some businesses use them.

Despite the growing popularity of the messaging application, several businesses still have reservations with the app since they’re naturally uncompliant with data protection regulations thanks to its end-to-end encryption. Using a robust WhatsApp archiving solution lets companies comply with the relevant data retention regulations in their respective industries.

Banning WhatsApp and imposing a no-texting policy will negatively affect the employees’ productivity and morale, mainly since most clients use the app to transact. Most people prefer WhatsApp because they’re used to the app and want to continue using it when contacting different service providers instead of other solutions.

Companies must also keep customer engagement and retention in mind, so they’ll have to adjust and use the messaging solution comfortable to the clients. When using WhatsApp and retaining the messages sent and received through it, businesses can also gather valuable business insight to improve data management, customer service, and compliance.

For more information on why companies must use an enterprise WhatsApp archiving solution, see this infographic by TeleMessage.

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