The Wide Variety of Banners Austin, TX is Able to Produce

When most people think of banners, they envision large vinyl pieces that hang overhead and promote something specific. In reality, banners are made from a variety of materials and can be used in all sorts of situations that don’t involve overhead attachment. Some are weatherproof, UV resistant, and built to fit on a fence while others are printed on a lightweight and washable fabric that can be mounted to an indoor wall. Whatever type of specialty banners Austin, TX companies need to promote their brand or event, print shops like Austin Signs & Printing can provide in a timely manner.

An Enduring Banner Material

Vinyl is the most common banner material used for marketing purposes since it is lightweight but durable and easily portable. Customers can have all sorts of designs printed on it, whether it’s simply one-color text or large full-color images. Sizing can range from a few feet to over ten in length as well as height with options to install grommets, pole pockets, velcro strips, or rope ties as a way to attach the banner to a support. The material rolls up for simple transportation and is strong enough to withstand minor abuse without showing signs of abrasion.

Making Brand Recognition Possible in Every Photo Op

Another type of banner that is steadily gaining popularity is the step and repeat. These polyester fabric banners contain a repeating pattern of logos, tag lines, or brand names printed in a consistent pattern across the entire surface. Typically used as backdrops for special events and conventions, these lightweight banners are sized to 8′ in height with a range of 8-20′ in length. They also come with support frames that effortlessly connect and dismantle for easy transportation.

Standing Up to Mother Nature

Using large banners for outdoor advertising is fairly common, but must be printed a specific way so that the banner can withstand the harsh effects of nature. Print shops typically create these banners on a woven polyester mesh material that has a repeating pattern of small holes to allow wind to pass through. These holes do not affect the look of the final print, all inks that are applied appear solid and vibrant even though the material isn’t 100% solid. These banners work perfectly on fences, building facades, or hung in an open outdoor space where a strong wind could easily whip at and destroy a traditional vinyl version.

Robust Signage for Roadside Promotion

In addition to banners, another common form of outdoor advertising involves colorplast printing. These weather-resistant signs consist of a strong, but lightweight corrugated plastic and use inks that can withstand the fading effects of the sun. Most commonly used for promoting a business, specific product, or a political campaign, these signs come equipped with metal stakes that easily penetrate the ground so that they can be placed in yards or along a grassy curb where visibility to traffic is prominent. Any number of colors can be used on the signs, giving the customer a choice ranging from basic two-tone text to full-color imagery.