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This gaming guide is a compilation of different aspects that cover the gaming area. Starting from  how the games are divided and to the game keys on how to redeem and use them. Followed by answers to common problems faced by the gamers during their stay on the site.

Let’s start with understanding the concept of online gaming.

The video games have taken over the minds of a lot of people and not only teenagers or young adults. These online platforms are built for the all kinds of age groups including kids. The online gaming community is said to have over thirty thousand games. Among this vast collection there are games that designed specifically keeping the development of a kid as their criteria. Kids can play puzzle games, or look out for other genres that can help them grow. This just proves, education can be taught anywhere and this is a small part of it.

Now, when you go to these online platform the games sadly don’t come for free. There is a need to buy games from the site as per the need.

How to start playing?

This seems like a silly question, but important because the online video games are slightly different. Well, with a key, a game key. This key is encrypted with code, a 26 digit alphanumeric code that helps unlock a game. The idea of key is not new. It used to be inscribed behind the disk covers of gaming CDs or DVDs. The gamers need to buy steam keys or game keys to initiate a game.

And how to use this key?

There are steps that are needed to redeem these coded keys-

  1. Add a game- First you login into your gaming account with correct and proper credentials. After this, go to add a game and right click for more options.
  2. Activate the key- As you surf the options, you can come across the tab ‘Activate a product’.
  3. Register- Here, you are supposed to register the game, as the first part of activation process. Read the terms and conditions and continue.
  4. Here, is where you will be copying the product game code. Copy the entire code in the box and continue.
  5. The process is successfully completed. Click finish and look at the games library to check for more similar games.

Coming to various questions asked by the customers. The most common problem is that- what to do if you receive error message while payment. If you receive any such message then there is no point of trying over again, there is a possibility that the payment might get deducted again.

So, wait and check your order status in my orders. And if the order is not complete then wait. If it says complete then kindly contact the customer support. The next common query is how to tackle problems related to game. If any such problem arises then kindly be sure to update your drive and then contact the publisher related to the product.

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