The Five Things You Should Look When Searching Your First Web Host

Searching for a web hosting company can be enough to make you pull your hair out, especially if this is your very first time doing it. Plus, you can read a multitude of dissertations on what you must have and things you should consider as an option, and what to do when the system crashes and what if, what to do, how you should it’s all enough to make you pull every last strand of hair from your head. 

Choosing the right web host only takes some research on your part of the web hosting companies that pop up when you Google the term ‘web hosting’. Here are ten things that you should consider with each web hosting company you look at that can make your life a lot easier when you come done to making that final choice.



 The first thing you need to know is how the web hosting company’s server that will house your website connects to the Internet. You may want to consider avoiding dial-up and DSL links. Dial-up is archaic at best and DSL can be fussy with the change of the weather and position of the satellites. Something like a digital cable or T1 connection is the best. They will provide you with reliable service, the speed your site needs to function properly and security measures to protect your personal information.



 Research the web hosting company’s track record and see what they are averaging in downtime every month. Downtime may not be an issue for you if your website is more personal than commercial. Read customer reviews and testimonials about the company and find up what time of guarantee they offer you when the system goes down.



 What type of commitment does the web hosting company require from you? You need to know if the web hosting company offers a trial period so that you see if the service fits your needs or what their stipulations are if you decide to cancel any form of contract you have with them. More than likely you’ll be able to test out the site first before upgrading to a full-pay service but it’s better to research the information and play it safe.



 The cheapest Indian hosting company is not going to be the best just like the most expensive company isn’t going to be the best. Free or cheap companies may have restrictions on what you can do with your site while expensive companies usually use dedicated servers that you may not necessarily need. You want something in between that fits your price range and offers the services that you need or want. It’s worth paying more a month to get what you want and make your website functional and useful than skimping on things that could drive you crazy later when you need them.


 Domain Name

 If you have already purchased your domain name then you will not need to look for a web hosting company that offers it in their package. If you haven’t, then look for one that also offers domain names for free or at a discounted price as part of the web hosting service. Not all web hosting services offer this feature but purchasing your domain name outside your web hosting company is not a problem and is not difficult to do. When you sign up for the hosting package, you just give them the domain name you have paid for and they will do the rest.