Quick fixes for a laptop keyboard that is not working

If there is some issue with keys of the laptop keyboard, then you need to do laptop repair immediately to prevent any further damage to the keyboard. Keyboard of your laptop might not be working due to many reasons, including loose or broken keys, etc. To fix them, you need to call up a reputable company for laptop repair at home experts. However, before hiring professionals, you can try some quick fixes for a laptop keyboard that is not working.

Quick Fixes for Loose Keycap

Primarily, it is vital to have an understanding about the parts of keys on the laptop’s keyboard. The laptop keys come with 3 parts, including a keycap, key retainer, and a keypad.

Often the keycap tends to loosen up but still remains fixed to the keyboard. Here, it can be effortlessly repaired- all you need to do it to press the keycap down. When you hear a click sound, then it is fixed ideally. If it doesn’t work then you should remove the keycap and try to re-attach it. The keycap re-attachment is a little tricky, so it is always good to hire experts for laptop repair at home. They will do the task perfectly without damaging other keyboard components.

Quick Fixes for a Broken Keycap

Now, if the key on the laptop’s keyboard has come off completely, fix it with these steps:

  • First of all, put the key retainer into the keyboard. Ensure it is positioned flexibly and flat so it is easy to press.
  • Insert the keypad inside the key retainer for easy usage.
  • Lastly, cover both the keycap and key retainer using the key cap. Now, press it down gently until a sound comes out of it. Check whether or not the key is working ideally.

Not Able to Do DIY Laptop Service for a Non-working Laptop Keyboard? Hire Laptop Repair Service Company

Whether the keys of your laptop keyboard are not working or there is another issue with it, you must get professional laptop repair in Gurgaon done. The above quick fixes are practical in most cases but if they turn out impractical for you, search on the internet for “laptop repair near me” and hire the professionals instantly. Make sure those professionals do laptop repair at your doorsteps for the best assistance!

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