Magento hosting:  The best platform to get your E-commerce site hosted

Magento is an open CMS platform and is well known for its E-commerce platform. Magento is written in PHP as well as employs the MySQL database management system and is quiet compatible with Linux. You can manage multiple sites by simply logging into a single website. It is a cheap platform as compared to other platforms. Magento was earlier referred as Bento and was specially assigned to fit in the demands of shopping websites.

Magento is mostly used for E-Commerce websites as it offers versatility and ability to manage complex environments.

Why Magento? 

It features includes –

  • Multi-store features
  • Advanced search
  • Navigation
  • Comparison of Product
  • Email lists
  • CEO
  • CMS

MilesWeb for Magento –

MilesWeb is well renowned and fastest growing web hosting company which offers services like
Magento hosting India and other services with well-crafted hosting solutions.  MilesWeb is ready to set charismatic tech revolution by offering its outstanding web services to their clients.

They offer Magento hosting features such as Redis Backend and Session Cache, Optimized server, Cloudflare CDN + Railgun, Free Magento Installation.  They offer other web hosting services such as Shared hosting, Reseller hosting, WordPress hosting, Cloud hosting and dedicated hosting services.

You can check out the Magento plans of MilesWeb – 

  • M1- 1,960/M
  • M2- 3,360/M
  • M3- 5,040/M
  • M4- 6,720/M

Features includes are – 

  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free domain name
  • Free Migration
  • 24×7 Support
  • 30 Day Money Back Commission

For Ecommerce, some users refer Managed WordPress hosting for their online store. But I think Magento is most trending and secure ecommerce platform.

Flexibility – 

MilesWeb Magento allows the user to edit and also monitor rather than just only using. Modules can easily install and practically saved it.

Security –    

LiteSpeed offers anti-DDoS feature which can defend against several attacks that Magento websites which are regular victims of. To experience the superior Magento performance, MilesWeb offers Lite Mage and Lite Speed Web Server which help to manage high loads and unexpected traffic. It is totally protected as well as has a solid set of safety attributes. 

SSL Certificate – 

SSL certificate has become an important and essential for every website as Google had announced it clear that with SSL certificate your site is secured and it also helps in ranking your site. If your site is set on Magento hosting then it is important to build trust of your visitors through SSL Certificate and with MilesWeb you get it free.

With the LiteMage’s native SSL support the user authentication is verified with encrypted session tokens for avoiding hacking attempts.

Uptime –  

Even the normal downtime could lead to the loss of the potential customers.  With MilesWeb Magento hosting, you get maximum uptime which is essential for business. You get 99.95% Uptime.


Magento hosting is a robust and open source CMS and offers high compatibility. You should check whether the Magento hosting version 2.3.2 and PHP version 7.x is available. With MilesWeb, you already get these versions. 

Magento hosting  Features – 

  • Redis Backend & Session
  • Optimized Server
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • Free Magento Installation
  • Magento Consultancy

Benefits of using LiteSpeed + LiteMage:

  • Magento Specific Caching
  • Low CPU and Memory Needs
  • Static + Dynamic Caching
  • Native Site Crawling
  • Quick Page Loads
  • Native SSL Support


E-Commerce industry has gained traction since few years and is going to grow more than it has been expected. The future of E-Commerce is looking best thanks to Magento for that.

Magento version 2 has gained more popularity and is dynamically supporting merchants to run their online stores without any much issue.  MilesWeb is one of the best for your online store the reason is that their Managed hosting platform offers a user friendly interface with optimized servers.

Last but not the least LiteSpeed webserver plus the LiteMage cache ensure optimum performance.
MilesWeb’s Magento hosting is really fast and high performing as you get LiteSpeed web server plus LiteMage that boost the speed of your website.

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