Importance of mobile SEO

Mobile devices have changed our way of life without us being fully aware of it. We take it with us everywhere, and they are our main tool to communicate and find information. Due to its ease of use and cheaper mobile internet rates, more and more users access the Internet through mobile devices, and this figure continues to grow every year.

If you are not convinced, check your website data in Google Analytics. It is very likely that most of the users who visit your website if it’s in the Google’s first page (หน้า แรก ของ google which is the term in Thai) do so from a mobile device. This makes the optimization of web design for mobile phones essential so that the different pages of our site are functional on these devices.

This information has not gone unnoticed by Google, which from 2011 to the present, has been adapting its algorithm to benefit all websites that have a good mobile SEO. The frequency of these changes for the benefit of these types of devices has increased exponentially over time. Today, we do not conceive of making a good SEO, without considering this powerful source of traffic.

Having a mobile-optimized website has become an essential requirement of an online presence.

Without going any further, Google Search Console platform, communicated to all users who had active webmaster accounts, that Mobile-first indexing enabled came into effect, an update of its platform that focuses exclusively on SEO optimization of mobile devices.

Through this update:

  • Mobile-centered indexing was enabled, where Google robots (Google Bot) will index and classify your site based on their mobile version
  • Increase the tracking frequency of Google robots for smartphones
  • Give more relevance to the fragments of the Google Search results that will be generated from the mobile version of your content
  • It includes new features to the Search Console to check if our landing is well optimized for mobile

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