How to engage first time customers to any software or application

You have just made an online appearance through an app or software, well done! Now, next step is to make it relevant and easy to use for the target customers for which it was created. Simple single page interfaces are quite a rage among developers of the present times. They are able to attain customer vote with sheer simplicity of features. Still, you can make the customers more comfortable with the interface by using user onboarding software support.

With the help of user onboarding tools, the end consumers can be encouraged to use the software first time. Businesses are likely to score repeat use too.  Onboarding is nothing but the process of acclimatizing the customers with the software environment. It can be achieved with the help of:

  1. Tool tip: Mostly tooltip is integrated with a UI element on the interface. This helps customer navigate through the relevant portion fast. By avoiding mistakes, customers feel confident about using it and they feel safe too.
  2. A quick guide: By integrating quick guide or tutorial to the app or software, the developers can share details about the strengths and core functionalities. This information helps winning and attaining user attention.
  3. Behavioral cues: The addition of behavioral cues works two ways. First, it helps create engaging walkthrough across the screen and thus, user becomes accustomed with all parts of the app. While creating walkthroughs, this opportunity can be used to announce special or inaugural offers to encourage customers to complete action like booking a ride, or buying a product, etc.
  4. Coachmarking with explanation of intended action: Sometimes, various areas can be coachmarked with actions required from the customers. This allows user to discover UI component and utilize it exactly according to its intended purpose.

So, these are some of the onboarding tools that help effectively in enhancing user engagement to any app.

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