Filmorago video editor

This is a comprehensive video editing app that enables more features to give better video editing experience. It allows users an awesome composition to use any clip from device memory. You can edit music videos, make your movies as well as share video with your friends easily.

User-friendly app

The main feature of this video editor is that you can work easily from this. This enables a wide range of tools that enable you to make your video more creative. On each side of the screen, there are all the tools you may need for your work. Such as, inserting music, adding transitions, applying visual themes, and many more video editing tools. In the middle of the screen, you can see the project preview and there are time controls at the bottom of the screen. So, you no need to worry about searching any hidden tools from Filmorago, since all of them can see on the screen.

When you finished your video editing or making, the only thing you have to do is save and export the output. Another important thing on this is, there is no watermark in your video and you can save your Android device. Other than that, you can easily share it with any social network.

Features Of FilmoraGo

This enables with intuitive timeline zoom facility and you can adjust video speed, as well as the volume as your preference. This also features the trim and split facility of the video. You can edit clips with the Filmorago editor easily, by adjusting clips sequences and rearranging the clips. Further, you can rotate the clips as per your preference. Copy and paste facility also one of the major features in this video editor which makes your video editing easier.

Music is one major component of a video since it can add more uniqueness and creativeness to your video. You can adjust the music of your video easily with the Filmorago video editor. It enables thousands of music tracks and sound effects to select. You can select the most suitable music track or effect since there is multiple audio track collection in this. You also can split the audio clips to make your video more creative. And also, this editor enables copy, paste, and even removal of audio clips.

Another feature of this is adding texts and stickers. There is a wide collection of fun stickers and animated texts. So, you can dd texts or stickers to the video or the photo. It may give more attraction to your edited video or photo. Further, this editor has fantastic filters and overlays.

Video editing includes various types of adjustments of the video or the photos you add to the video. Filmorago also has a variety of adjustments like brightness, temperature, contrast, vignette, clarity, and saturation. And also, you can make a personal filter by using this editor.

If we move onto Canvas features, you can make the video or the photo inside the canvas. And it provides the facility to choose as aspect ratio for your project. Videos and photos can make more colorful by adding a variety of colorful borders for that.

You can download this awesome Video Editor apk for Android using Play Store. You can use any third-party app stores like AC Market, if you are unable to download this app from Play Store. AC Market offers wide verities of Android APK for free like Play Store.