Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of


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concrete jungle where dreams are made of

What dreams are made of concrete?

The normal expression is: "what dreams are made of." So in this phrase the dreams are made of concrete, or of the concrete jungle -- which is a strong jarring image. Then you also have an inversion of the normal connotation of "concrete jungle," which is usually quite negative.

What is the meaning of the sentence “Concrete Jungle”?

Without it, the sentence would have an entirely different meaning. The line is stating that this “ concrete jungle ” is held in such high prestige that it is often found in one’s dreams and aspirations. Compare “the stuff that dreams are made of” in the film The Maltese Falcon.

What was Manhattan like before it was an urban jungle?

Before it was an urban jungle, Manhattan was home to the Lenape Indians, who called the island Mannahatta, or “land of many hills.” Built up and–thanks to land reclamation–out, downtown Manhattan, circa 2008, towers over the New York City island as it was more than 400 years ago (computer rendering at right), when

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