10 Principles Of Good Website Design

In the age of the internet having a good website is of utmost importance. Website is the face of your organisation in the modern times. Website designs play a very important role and it is important that the web design principles must be followed to make an engaging website.

Most searchers use websites for research and buying, the better the design of the website the more they will spend time and the more clicks will be seen.

There are quite a lot of principles involved in web designing the top 10  web designing principles :

  1. Quality and Credibility:  High quality of the content and web design can bring in a lot of traffic and users want to spend more time on an engaging website. Content and design always make a big difference.
  2. More scanning, less reading; These days users scan through the website rather than reading through. They seek the right kind of anchorage to reach the desired link.
  3. Users look for immediate gratification: Users these days are quite impatient, they do not want to spend more time on a website if it is not appealing and has an intuitive design.
  4. Users go for the first logically available option: These days users do not search in a linear way or navigate in a systematic way. Users look for the first viable option to reach the goal, therefore web design shoud be an optimized website.
  5. Users attention : Users attention is the most important reason why web designing principles are implemented. If the design is optimized, a users attention is immediately captured enabling him to spend more time on the website.
  6. Features of the website should be clearly shown: It is an important principle of web design that the features of the website should be easily shown to the users and they have a comfortable experience
  7. Use of effective writing: Effective writing can make a user learn more about the website and relevant content is important for a website to be optimised.
  8. Simplicity: Simplicity must be maintained on a website; it should not be very technical so that the user understands what the website is about to spend more time on the website.
  9. White space: It is important to have white space so that the cognitive load is reduced and users have a good visibility that is clear for the users to understand.
  10. Test more often: With technology evolving so much it is important to test the website more often so that the website runs smoothly and users have an engaging experience.

Website designs in Atlanta are using these principles to design effective and engaging websites.